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Customer value system: 
      1. Consider the success of every customer as guideline. 
      2. All products will be conducted the no load test to check the no load current, power, speed and hi-pot test.Each product will pass 100% load testing to assure its quality. 
      3. The product has gained quality system certificate of ISO9001:2008、TS16949 and several honors such as Shenzhen high-tech enterprise etc. .
      4. Our product has been tested in the top-level authoritative experimental agency and respectively passed the certificate of CCC, UL and VDE. The preferential right of being tested makes us get the most professional and reliable certificate service. Dongsheng people believe that only putting professional testing in the most professional and reliable experimental agency can we provide the safest and most reliable services to the customers. 
      5. Actively cooperate with the customers and sincerely serve for them. 
After-sales service system: 
      the group has established independent AQ class for specially solving the customer's complaints.
      1. As for the complaint in Guangdong province, QA personnel will directly go to find the customer to analyze and solve the problem after receiving the complaint on the same day. 
      2. As for the complaint coming from the customer outside Guangdong province, the customer should send the failed samples to us for analyzing to understand the reason, if it is caused by us, the customer can directly return the product for repairing, and if it is caused by customers, we will fully cooperate with them to solve it. 
      3. As for the complaint coming from foreign customers, the customer should send the failed samples for analyzing, if it is caused by us, we will send related technician to deal with it directly.  
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