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Adhering to the principle of equality and win-win, the group cooperates with their partners for common development and improvement. Meanwhile, we hope the partners can do their due diligence to not only guarantee the material's quality, but also provide human-based tracking service. 
      1. Analyze the materials needed in production development to assure the purchased materials meeting the requirements of product's quality, production and costs; Strategic sourcing is responsible for finding the suppliers who have the ability to provide the raw material, supplies, delivery and packing and filling out supplier's basic information card after primary validation. 
      2. After primary validation, the review team, composed by strategic sourcing center, PMC department, Quality control department and engineering department, will review the supplier's factory on the scene in accordance with related information including the contents of Supplier's assessment and option list, total assessment score is no less than 80 points. The assessment contents are as follows:
        ①: The supplier's quality control system
        ②: The actual operation of quality control system
        ③: Capability and management concept
        ④:Price, service, payment terms, adaptability etc. 
      3. The selected supplier should sign one agreement and two contracts with us, which are incorruptible agreement, environmental protection contract and sourcing contract. Please download the details from our website. (Supply chain management)
      4. New supplier should provide samples to the strategic sourcing department, which will give them to engineering department for parts validation and fill out Validation report of parts samples, notice the supplier if the samples are qualified and distribute them to relevant departments. The strategic sourcing department should notice PMC department to order in a small scale in light of actual needs and in quantity only after the eligible trial by field quality control, production and PE departments. 
      5. The supplier abroad will not be reviewed on the scene, but confirm the qualification of eligible supplier according to the semi-annual incoming inspection report as well as fill out related forms, contracts and agreement. 
      6. According to the incoming inspection situation, quality control department should review and fill out Supplier evaluation list by Review rules of supply-side and send the list to strategic sourcing center and PMC department for treating unqualified suppliers in terms of the regulations in Review rules of supply-side.  


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