Servo drive precision machinery products

Application:CNC motor  Semiconduct motor   Military motor   Aerospace motor   Industrail automation motor   

Products for new energy automobile

Application:Electric vehicles motor   Hybrid cars motor   Power generation equipment motor   Commun ications equipment motor   

Products for medical appliance motor

Application:Medical products motor  

Products for industry and commerce uses motor

Application:Household appliances motor  Office supplies motor   Electric tools motor   Industrial equipment motor   Food process motor    Vacuum cleaner motor   Fan motor   

Product Classification

Asynchronous motor、Synchronous motor、Universal motor、Induction motor 、Gearbox Motor、PMDC motor、Solenoid valve、Vacuum cleaner blower motor、Brushless DC motor and controller、Permanent magnet synchronous motor and controller、Permanent magnetic synchronous generator and inverter、Servo motor

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