Terms of use

Terms of use
Visiting World Wide Web of Dongsheng Motor (this web for short thereinafter) means that you agree with the following items. If you don't agree, please stop browsing this web.
The content copyright of this web belongs to © 2013 Dongsheng Motor (this group for short thereinafter). All the rights not granted explicitly in every item of this web will be reserved. Without the consent in writing form from this group in advance, copying, transforming, delivering and storing any contents of this web in any ways are strictly prohibited, except the situation conforming to the following items. We agree that you can read the contents or print the copies excerpted on the web, though, it is only for personal use and you can't transform the contents without the consent in writing form. There may be some additional items specified in some documents on this web and requiring your abidance. 
This web and its contents only can be used in the non-commercial personal use. If its source was pointed out, the information can be used in the news release and other public documents in the mass media. 
This web and its contents are all for your convenience. And there are two types of information-----actuality and sole state. This group dosen't guarantee that this web will not be intermitted and there are no mistakes at all. We have the right to edit the web pages or withdraw the web. We will not give the explicit or implicit assurance of the usability veracity, reliability or the contents of this web, or the implicit assurance of the logout or the applicability in specific applications. We are not charged with the direct, in direct, incident, particular or sequent damages, profit loss or loss of the business stoppage caused by using or not enable to use the service provided by this web, even if this group has been apprized the possibility of this kind of damages. Because particular guarantee or duty restriction is not permitted to be excluded in some domination areas, such principles may not be the same with you. Under such condition, the duty of this group will be used in the maximum range according to the law.
For the convenience when you browse this web, we may provide the web links owned or run by the third parties of the Internet. When you entered those third parties' webs, please use them after reading and accepting the rules. You also should agree that this group doesn't have the right to control the contents of third parties' webs, so we are not responsible with the web building and issuing information. Besides, providing the links of other groups dose not mean we are recognize the third parties' webs or the products or service mentioned by the web. 
If you want to submit any datum to our server by E-mail or the web, you must agree with the following items. 
    (1) Any illegal information or information not suitable to publish are not involved in the datum.
    (2) Before submitting the datum, you should inspect it and cancel the virus or other factors with infection or danger.
    (3) You own the datum or have the unlimited right to submit it to us. We can publish the datum for free or fuse the datum or any concepts described in it to our products, and we are not charged with any responsibility or obligation.
    (4) You agree that you will not litigate us according to the datum you submit, and you will compensate us if there are any other groups litigate us according to your datum.
This group will not and can't checkup the information published by users on the web and have no responsibility to this information. We have the right to cancel any information published on the web at any time.
Other products' names or companies' names mentioned on the web may be the owners' logo or business name. Without the consent in writing form from our group or the owner of the logo or business name in advance, visiting this web doesn't mean we grant in implicit or other ways that the visitor have the right to use any badges on this web. 
We have the final explaining right of the information on this web.
Copyright © 2013 Dongsheng Motor. All rights reserved. 
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