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Corporate Culture
As one of the fastest growing companies in the electromechanical industry, Dongming has also formed its unique corporate culture, creating a vibrant environment for development.
In the electronic and electrification era, maximize the effectiveness of motors and achieve value and dreams of cust-omers, and become the world's top three companies in the industry, relying on longterm hard work and persistent-rsuit. At the same time establish a comprehensive quality control system and rapid customer response mechanisms as well as customer service system, and thus establish the industry benchmark for quality and service.
Sense of responsibility, innovation, professionalism, teamwork and collective struggle are the essence of our cortrate culture.Seeking truth from facts is our behavior guideline. Persist and continue to develop our culture of philanthropy. We believe that the success and longterm development is inseparable from the guidance of macrodevelopment policy and constant pursuit ofdetails.We advocate seeking truth from facts and step by step, opposing pompousness and ureaucracy.
We do not seek to maximize profits. We insist on doing the industry, not proud of the identity of an entrepreneur, with the balance of benefits for employees,shareholders and customers in the premise of satisfying the market and customer. We gradually improve the internal dynamic mechanism for allocation based on abilities and contribution,for reasonable return for contributors who are capable and linked with the company.The key indicators of assessment for our value allocation include recognition of our corporate culture,loyalty,individual capability,sense of responsibility,work attitude, contribution and sustable contribution.The priority of effectiveness and consideration of fairness are the basic pr inciples of our value allocation.
We will not give up any valuable customers, and any behavior with impact on customers is not tolerated.
Work style
Action after words, abiding by regulations and attention to details.
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