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Dongming Electric (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) is a wholly-owned enterprise invested and founded by Hong Kong Wayman (Asia) Limited in 1997. After stable development of 17 years, the Company has grown up into a group company integrating scientific research,production, sales and after-sales. 
The Company is located in Dongsheng Industrial Park, Ditang Road, Western Industrial Zone, Shajing Street, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, where is only 1-hour drive away from Hong Kong and is adjacent to Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport and ports, enjoying very convenient onshore and offshore traffic conditions.  

Since its establishment in 1997, the Company has been developed into the “Oriental Pearl” forthe global motor industry through hard work  and efforts of more than 1000 employees for 17 years.
At present, our company owns 44 semi-automatic U-type production lines, , 4 brushless motor production lines,

2 temperature-control production lines,  2 special motor production lines,2 geared-motor production lines ,

1 heavy-duty-motor production line and 1 servo drive motor production line, to provide customers with more than 100,000 motors of all types every day. The Company has DS, DM ,HOPEWIN and other famous brands in the industry. Meanwhile, the Company has set up a Engineering R&D Department consisting of more than 110 persons and a High-performance Motor Research Institute consisting of more than 50 persons, doing the best to improve the brand image of “professional home appliance heart manufacturer” in terms of own hardware. Employees of the Company still continue improving the management systems, to realize control over supply chain quality, production process quality, product features, employees’ job responsibilities and global business ability through mutually complementary five internal operation and management systems and rigorous details management concepts. The Company has always regarded the “professional home appliance heart manufacturer in the world” as its mission and responsibility. 

At present, the Company has had a wide range of products which are sold overseas, and has become the major motor supplier for top 500 companies in the world at the same time.  
Under constantly numerous market competition mechanisms, the Company still focuses on breakthrough and innovation in respect of motor R&D technology and is always the primary owner of the most sophisticated technology even though the Company has gained more than 220 patents. The sales team of the Company also adheres to the idea of serving customers, and offers considerate following-up services against demand of each customer, which have been well received by customers ultimately prior to, in and after sales. 
After 17 years of development, the Company has grown up into a “professional home appliance heart manufacturer”, and ranks the top among motor enterprises. By closely linking with the “warm and sincere” corporate responsibility, the Company has always regarded “sharing responsibility for society and seeking welfare for employees” as the ultimate operation goal. The Company creates a good living and working environment for the employees, and takes more loving measures for the employees’ families, such as organizing “Summer Holiday Class to Spend Summer Holiday together with Parents in Shenzhen” for children of employees, and offer physical, mental and emotional assistance for both employees and “stay-at-home” children free of charge. 
Recently, the Company has explored to recommend the ideas of the Company in terms of corporate culture, and also organized various “courses on studies of Chinese ancient civilization” and “Buddhism classes” in Dongming Park, to learn from Chinese traditional essence and build Dongming Electric into an enterprise with profound culture and goodwill, so as to realize the goal that “the heart of the world is manufactured by Dongming Electric in China” and becoming top three enterprises in the industry. 
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