Job Vacancy

Positions: Quality engineer
Number of Vacancies: 1
Qualifications: 1. Responsible for preparing inspection guidelines for quality control section and assessment system for quality control; 2.Handling quality abnormality in production line and follow-up after improvement; 3. Analyzing products with customer complaints, and proposing improvement and preventive measures; 4. Guiding the use of SPC software and prevent the occurrence of abnormal production based on the trends of data changes in SPC software; 5. Participating in projects of quality-related continuous improvement, and reporting to the section chief on a regular basis; 6. Analyzing the reasons for failure of life of the motor; 7. Experience in equivalent post in motor factories is preferred; 8. Communication in English is preferred. 9.Team spirit, working carefully.
Contact: Miss Jia
Telephone: 0755--33862888-8046/33667858
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