Product Description

1. Product's analysis can monitor the product's features; the continuous improvement of the product's quality can obtain direct evidence. Properly make use of statistic technology (SPC), analyze verification ability and product's feature and put forward corrective and preventive measures to satisfy even exceed the customer's needs. Please operate in accordance with the following specifications:

      1. Quality control department is responsible for the statistic analysis and control of procedure ability and equipment ability;
      2. Quality control department is responsible for operator's training of statistic techniques and implementation of statistic techniques of supervision and guidance;
      3. Unqualified products should be treated by the control program of unqualified product;
      4. Quality assurance class quarterly should investigate the customer's satisfaction, provide corrective and preventive measures and follow timely for correction.
      5. Each array of the products should pass 100% load testing. 
2. Product reliability
To guarantee its reliability, the product should be taken the following tests both in the developing stage and production stage: 
      1. Reliability testing center
      2. Electrical performance test;
      3. Noise testing laboratory; 
      4. life-span testing center; 
      5. Vibration test; 
      6. Dropping test;
      7. Temperature rising test; 
      8. Salt mist test;
      9. Electromagnetic interference test;
      10. Material's harmful substance test.  
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