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As the "core manufacturer of the heart for global electrical products", Dongming Electromechanics is firstrate and excellent both in R & D capabilities and platform configuration.
The R & D department of Dongming Electromechanics mainly develops the following products: string electrical shock motors, permanent magnet DC motors, induction motors, gear box motors, asynchronous motors, synchronous motors, vacuum cleaner motors, permanent magnet synchronous motors and drives, servo motors and drives, brushless DC motors and drives, permanent magnet synchronous generators and inverters and solenoid valves, which are used in household appliances, office equipment, industrial equipment, automotive, medical, aerospace, power generation, food processing and many other fields. With accumulation of considerable experience in motor applications, we can provide customers with the most suitable products, and design customized products as required by customers.
The R & D Department of Dongming Electromechanics focuses on technological innovation and product development, with more than 100 experienced engineers in designing products for customers, while introducing advanced motor design software for product development. Dongming has technical cooperation with a number of key national institutions, with a  couple of senior old professors as technical advisers, which provides Dongming with deeper technical background. With firstrate R & D capabilities, our R & D team has a strong sense of responsibility and mission to meet customer requirements. Meanwhile, our talent pool has diversified forms, with a number of competent personnel from product development, project management, quality control to testing and services, which fundamentally guarantees that all of our products can meet quality requirements of customers.
The R & D management has crucial impact on R & D quality. From December 2013, Dongming began to introduce IPD's advanced and mature R & D management ideas, models and methods, to implement effective and scientific management for product design and development processes, to ensure the quality and progress of each stage, so that we can understand the customer's real needs to develop around the market demand and help them achieve success.


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